Regenerative culture encompasses all of XR life, it is in how we respect and treat one another. It comes through in our meetings and campaigns where needs are met at an emotional as well as a physical level. At meetings people have a chance to check in and check out, facilitators ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to speak and that all voices are heard. After campaigns, debrief circles are held in small groups, so that people can share their feelings about all the aspects that have happened. There is a big emphasis on everyone being welcomed. We are all crew!

There are 3 working groups in Regenerative Culture and Welfare (sometimes referred to as Regen):

At its heart XRs Regenerative Culture is about showing caring, respect and sustainability on all levels: It expands out from rebels taking care of themselves, to them taking care of their fellow campaigners and their own communities whilst always thinking how best to respect and sustain our planet.

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Whilst on an action this group support rebels welfare.

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Green Futures is about helping to grow resilient communities which are working towards becoming self-sustaining. Our aim is to highlight all the positive practical actions that are happening in the local community to enable people to connect with their fellow citizens and nature.

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The Regen Team  have reduced their events time table in the run up to the September rebellion. Keep an eye on the Events page for specific details and ad hoc sessions but the schedule is below.

Skill Share – Guided Mediatation.  Check the Events page for specifics

There is also a huge range of resources available on the Reset TV website

Skill Share: Guided Meditation
Training Session: see Events for details
Rebellion Planing (6.30 PM)

If you want to get involved in any of the Regen working groups please contact us here.  email hidden; JavaScript is required