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rebel pathway

The usual first step is to attend is ‘Heading for Extinction’ talk. This covers the latest climate science and then gives information on how XR’s approach to activism is different to most other climate campaigning groups.

The next step is to meet us at one of our monthly welcome meetings, attend an NVDA training or join one of the regular monthly meetings.  If you have any questions please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required 

Go to the EVENTS page for the next dates for these and more….

working groups

These are teams of people that work together on a common theme. We need people behind the scenes as well as on the streets. If you can offer time and skills, we’d really like to hear from you! Once a week a representative from each of these groups is invited to meet together and share information.

We organise ourselves in a non-hierarchical way using SOS (self organising system). It is very different from the usual ‘hierarchy’ (your boss tells you what to do, their boss tells them what to do). But it doesn’t mean we aren’t organised! Just organised in a more inclusive and more empowering way.

Free training can be accessed for a wide variety of skills and webinars are often offered to broaden our knowledge of climate science, social and racial injustice and much more.

Everyone takes on tasks voluntarily. You can get involved as much or as little as you like.

If you have any questions about this or anything else – email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Plans and ensures the smooth running of Actions undertaken by XR Nottingham.

Responsible for our recruitment drive. The group provides talks and facilitates discussions with local communities in relation to the Climate Emergency.

Makes banners, flags, props etc for our actions and public events. Printing, painting, sewing, building! This working group also includes music, theatre and all things creative. Including the XR Nottingham Samba Band

Responsible for website, social media, photography, graphics and media/press liaison. All skills required from writing content to technical skills to help create and maintain good external communications.

Covers engagement with local councils, development of ideas for local democracy and the pension fund divestment project. >> MORE INFO <<

A sub-group of Beyond Politics – this major campaign develops ideas and tactics focusing on getting action from the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund regarding divestment of local workers money that they have in their control.

We exist to equip all rebels with the skills to do the tasks of their choosing. We have run trainings in Facilitation skills, non-violent direct action, How to talk to people about XR, How to face the ecological crisis without going crazy.

Focussing on Regenerative Culture and Personal Wellbeing.

Facilitates how the group is structured and how it communicates. Creates and manages appropriate technology, finances and resources.