XR Group with Tom Hollis--


Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council – Councillor Tom Hollis joined XR Nottingham and the ‘Friends of Colwick Woods’ in the mud and rain at the weekend to plant 9 English Oak saplings.

Each sapling planted was to represent the 9 members of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Pension Fund Committee. This was part of our Divestment campaign to demand that the County Council Pension Fund stops investing in fossil fuels and invest in green and local economies.


We’ve offered an English Oak sapling to each member of the County Council’s Pension Fund Committee. We gave them chance to meet us and collect at the last two meetings, but none have accepted. 

But…. we did get some interest from Councillor Tom Hollis, an Ashfield Independent Councillor….


Councillor Tom Hollis and Richard Brown (from Friends of Colwick Woods)
Councillor Tom Hollis and Richard Brown (from Friends of Colwick Woods)

At the last meeting of the County Council’s Pension Fund Committee, Tom Hollis proposed that “the committee immediately withdraws from, or takes progressive action to withdraw from, any fund or investment that uses fossil fuels”. Other committee members refused to back the motion!

Tom Hollis said “This County Council are light years behind where they need to be in terms of environmental responsibility. I was pleased to be able to join members of Extinction Rebellion and the Friends of Colwick Woods.  It’s imperative that Councils show leadership – investing in fossil fuels is irresponsible. In Ashfield, we are planting community orchards and planting 2 trees for everyone removed….I will continue to push on this committee for them to divest from fossil fuels.”

Flagged Sapling

XR Nottingham are really pleased to see Councillor Tom Hollis making a strong financial and moral case for divestment with his proposal at the last committee meeting!

Let’s keep this campaign rolling and see what happens next!!!

Flagged Sapling 2