Nottingham samba - band of outlaws

Samba Band spelling out Kill the Bill

People of all ages are welcome to join our Samba Band. Perhaps you’ve never played an instrument before, or you might be an experienced sambista – everyone is welcome!

You don’t need a drum or a fancy percussion instrument (but if you have one, that’s fine!) You can play a saucepan with a wooden spoon, or make your own shaker or drum.

We practice regularly so come along and learn the “tunes” (basic rhythms) and “breaks” (short interruptions to the tunes) and all the signs that the “maestro” (leader) gives to instruct the whole group.

We play tunes from “Rhythms of Resistance” This way, groups from all over the UK can meet up and play together. It’s amazing to be part of a huge samba group during one of the large “Rebellions”.

It’s really important to protect your hearing. Samba is *loud*! Buy and wear some ear-plugs!

How to get Involved

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Samba band, big drums in Lincoln
Samba in Derby

joining with other samba groups at the london rebellion 2021