‘Not the Sun’ newspaper

On Friday 23rd July, we handed out copies of cheeky tabloid style ‘Not the Sun’ at Nottingham and Beeston railway stations.

Except for our very independent and supportive LeftLion Magazine Nottingham, no press in Nottingham and hardly anywhere else in the country reported on this. 

Creating ‘Not The Sun’ offered an unsettling glimpse into the iron grip of fear that Murdoch exerts over an entire industry. Two major printers and their lawyers refused to print our tabloid after seeing our hard-hitting front-page exposé of Murdoch’s environmental crimes

Could it be because…

Three-quarters of British newspapers are held hostage by three billionaires such as Frederick Barclay, who (from his private island) makes sure we only ever read the stories that keep profits growing. 

While people die in floods in Germany, China, and America and the UK bake in a deadly heat wave, the ultra-rich media barons Rupert Murdoch, Viscount Rothermere and Frederick Barclay run headlines such as “green hysteria” – despite being riddled with false claims.Not the Sun is sharing the truth that the media and politicians from all political parties don’t want you to know: that this is the worst crisis that humanity has ever faced, and that our leaders are failing to protect us.

But it’s not all doom and gloom: there’s a jokey Page 3, a problem page, and hope for a better tomorrow if we take action and all together tackle the crisis with Brit grit and spirit.

Read a copy of ‘Not the Sun’ online here…