Protest against bee-killing pesticides

Bees are in trouble

While insect populations crash, the UK Government decided for a third year in a row and against the advice of its own experts, to allow ‘neonics’ to be used on sugar beet crop in fields around Newark.

Over 100 people gathered in newark

People from various environmental groups in Newark and also XR rebels from around the Midlands joined forces to protest around the town centre, with samba drumming and a little bit of theatrics (see the video above).

The problem

  • Neonics’ are 7,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT, one teaspoon is enough to kill 1.25 billion honeybees. It is a danger to many other insects too.
  • They are used to coat sugar beet seeds (instead of spraying) but up to 90% of the pesticide ends up in the soil and nearby water courses.
  • Scientists estimate that insect populations have declined in abundance by 75% in the last 50 years
  • We are in a climate and nature crisis yet our government is choosing to decimate insect populations which are vital for pollination.

take action

  • Support Protect Newark’s Green Spaces campaign demanding an end to the use of these bee killing pesticides.
  • If you have a garden, avoid pesticides, leave patches of land to go wild and let wildflowers grow.
  • Take photos of the pollinators you attract and share on social media tagging @xrnewark and @xrnottm

    #SaveOurBees #Ecocide #Neonics #Pollinators