New online meetings announced

Covid19 is causing massive disruption, uncertainty and a myriad of challenges for us all and for our Rebellion. We’ve currently taken the decision to either cancel, or put on notice, all of our larger in-person events (although it’s not our place to tell Working Groups, Affinity Groups or individual Rebels not to meet in person if they wish) as a precaution. So….


We have set up three whole group meetings to be held online using Zoom (see below for details)

Each will be 1.5hrs long and take the same format:

  • 30mins : Setup – log in and get used to the zoom interface and features.
  • 60mins : Meeting. The proposed agenda will be 10-15mins of information on what is currently happening in XR Nottingham, regional and national. We currently think that Covid-19 and HS2 will be the main topics. Then we’ll breakout into small groups for discussions and finally come back as a whole group for feedback.

Wed 18th 2pm

Fri 20th 7pm

Sat 21st 2pm

Zoom is an online video calling programme/app. It’s actually really easy to use and allows us to do some cool stuff with lots of us (up to 100 at time), without having to be together. 

Before the meeting, please try to set yourself up. If you have a mobile device, you could download and install the Zoom app. If you have a webcam on your computer you can also set up on there. – download the “Zoom client for Meetings” option.

You don’t need a personal Zoom account to access a zoom call (unless you want to use Zoom for setting up your own meetings) All you need to do is click on the links that we share for each meeting. If you would like to have a brief test run at connecting before the meeting, or want any advice you can email email hidden; JavaScript is required

HS2 – some links just for your interest about Hs2, it is not necessary to read these…