HSBC and Barclays are climate criminals

It’s a climate crime scene!!
Funding fossil fuels has been HSBC’s dirty little secret.

Strip away the slick greenwashing and you find that they are the second biggest funders of fossil fuel companies in Europe.

They are bankrolling the climate crisis and they have been pulling the wool over their customers’ eyes for years.

HSBC has invested over £65billion in the destruction of our climate and the pollution of our ecosystems since the 2015 Paris Agreement was signed.

This agreement by world leaders working together to supposedly create measures to limit global warming is being totally ignored by the financial institutions that fund this ecocide!

It’s time to make a change – move your money to more ethical banks.

Check out for ideas.

Photo Credit (four photos above) Diana Schmies

Barclays are the BIGGEST funder of the climate crisis
With around £91billion invested in tar sands, fracked oil and gas, coal power and fossil fuels overall since the Paris agreement.

In fact Barclays funding of the world’s top 30 coal mining companies and coal power companies is increasing!

Read more in this detailed report called ‘Banking on Climate Chaos‘ by The Rainforest Alliance Network 

April 1st was Global Money Rebellion day – with actions around the world. Look for the #MoneyRebellion on social media for more.

There is also a video of actions throughout the day (skip to part featuring Beeston)