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Support facilitates the design of our self-organising system (i.e. how the group is structured and organised) to ensure rebels can act autonomously, but with the support of the movement behind them. We also manage appropriate technology, finances and resources.

Direct responsibilities

  • Communication with rebels via email list, Telegram channel, Facebook (inbox monitoring, event creation, group post moderation)
  • Tech support of all kinds
  • Room bookings, leaflets, physical resources (e.g. banners/flags)
  • To develop internal communications between working groups and affinity groups
  • Finance (fundraising and budget requests)

Submitted request for events – please email details below to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Title (max 7 words)
Start Time
End Time

Physical location of Event or Zoom link (or a request for one)
Attach a photo/graphic or give a link to something you like or request M&M create something (give info about what you want it to look like colours/images/words)
Who is this for : active XR Nottm rebels, anyone on our email list, Midlands-wide, Uk-wide? something that could be advertised outside of XR circles?

 of the event in short snappy sentences. 

think about …
Who is this aimed at (anyone? new rebels?, youth)
What is the topic?
What will people learn/gain? 
Anything they need to read or think about to prepare?
How they will take part – format of event (is it a talk / Q&A , will there be a break etc)