Action welfare and arrestee support

Nottingham Action Support DO NOT encourage or support illegal activity, it is up to each individual to make up their own mind what action to take within the values of XR non-violent action policy. It’s only there to provide voluntary support for those thinking of going on peaceful non-violent direct actions.

Nottingham Action Support DO NOT deal with any given situation that is beyond their skills or training on actions, but will refer to an appropriate body for example the emergency services.

Nottingham Action Support provides basic legal rights advice, pointing people in the right direction for further help.

Instead of taking the mental strain off others, we will provide support for people in looking after their own mental health. We encourage a degree of self responsibility as well as keeping a look out for others.

We DO NOT encourage arrest, this is the choice of the individual. We will keep an eye on vulnerable participants, supporting the physical and emotional needs of all those taking part in actions.

Its everyone’s responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults or those suffering from mental health problems on protests. We do no have the resources or legal framework to deal with such situations but will again contact an appropriate body.

We will keep an eye out for conflict in the hope to de-escalate the situation. If the situation is something we feel we are unable to deal we will liaise with the police.

We provide a range of practical advise on what and what not to bring on a protests.

We offer post action support.

To get involved or if you have any questions contact email hidden; JavaScript is required