Beyond Politics

Our group is focussed on lobbying and influencing political power from outside, increasing local democracy, and developing  alliances that are cross party and across cultural/political divides

We started with a Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign directed at the Nottinghamshire Local Government Pension Fund controlled by the Tory County Council – we think it has been an excellent campaign but so far we have had limited success in getting the fund to sell its fossil fuel investments and invest in renewable energy. We are still campaigning hard on this even under lockdown using email and social media. The recent fall in the value of oil and gas companies makes these changes even more important now.

Then we campaigned for a local Citizens Assembly – there is no spare money in the Council so we are now looking at the Nottingham Green Partnership of private sector companies, universities, Local Authority, NHS etc to take it on – plenty to get involved with here if this interests you

Then we started looking at the limitations imposed on our city and county by national policy that prevent us achieving our local ambitious carbon target – see Charter 2028 on Nottingham City Website – these include low standards for planning, energy etc and lack of funding – we back our City going for carbon neutral by 2028 but they need us to fight for the legal, financial and political change required to achieve anything like this.

In the course of this we are slowly opening up a dialogue with councillors / MPs  / key partners so that we can be on their radar when they are making plans, setting budgets etc.

If any of this interests you,  please get in touch email hidden; JavaScript is required