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The Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee are happy to continue to invest in fossil fuels driving global heating to 2°C and beyond.

The next committee meeting is is on Thu 22 April 2021 – get involved now!

What the slogans mean

In the October 2020 Pension Fund Comittee Meeting a report on investment strategy from LGPS was presented and NCC officer Tasmin Rabbits said…

“Broadly, the report is supportive of the Fund’s current investment strategy, in that it demonstrates that a 2°C scenario is of benefit to the pension fund financially, which means that the Fund’s financial interests are aligned with global environmental interests.”

Which suggests the pension fund are looking to benefit financially from a global disaster, that’s pretty despicable.

Divesting is the opposite of investing.  We are calling on the pension fund committee to remove their investments in fossil fuel companies and shift investments to more sustainable companies and technologies that will protect our futures.

On 28 November 2020 the Financial times reported that £2 Billion had been wiped off the value of investments  in UK Public pension funds as the value of oil and gas stocks had plummeted due to climate concerns. They specifically highlighted an estimated £81 million loss in Notts County Council Pension fund. UPDATE Feb 2021: After investigations we believe the calculations used in this article to be spurious so will no longer be using this slogan in our protests.

Climate change brings greater risk of flooding from rising sea levels due to ice caps melting and flash floods from glaciers melting and heavy rain and cyclones. A study by Climate Central research group has found that over 300 million people will be at risk from Coastal flooding with major cities like Kolkata , Jakarta and Bangkok at serious risk. 

NASA reports that at 2 degrees increases in extreme rain in northern Europe and North Americas will increase the risk of flooding compared with 1.5 degrees.

The IPCC special report says that in the UK economic effects of flooding are likely to hit the poorest hardest as they are unlikely to be able afford flood insurance. 

There are many reasons why a 2 degree warming is a disastrous scenario, some of which we have detailed below and are demonstrated in the.  The Paris agreement signed in 

Take action now...

Really easy email action HERE whether you are a pension fund member or not. Let the committee know that you are extremely concerned about their reckless use of Nottinghamshire workers’ pension savings.

Do this action at home inside or in your garden
Use your daily exercise to write a message, pay a visit to Nottinghamshire County Council or other employers listed below

  • Take a photo in landscape orientation.
  • Frame your face and your message (and location)
  • Look into your camera lens and try not to look like someone from crimestoppers!
  • Put the photo on your own social media using #DivestNotts #FossilFree #FightFor1point5
  • Send to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Messaging Ideas

  • 2 Degrees = Deadly Heatwaves
  • 2 Degrees = Floods, Wildfires
  • 2 Degrees = Famine,  War, Death
  • 2 Degrees is NOT OK
  • Notts County Council – unfit to govern
  • Divest Now – before it’s too late
  • #DivestNow
  • Invest in renewables and create local jobs
  • Make sustainable investments now

Other major employers that use the pension fund

Trent Bridge House (West Bridgford)
Fox Road

County Council offices (Arnold)
Sir John Robinson Way

Gedling Borough Council (Arnold)
Civic Centre
Arnot Hill Park

Broxtowe Borough Council Offices (Beeston)
Foster Avenue

Ashfield Council Offices (Hucknall)
Watnall Road
NG15 7LA

Newark and Sherwood District Council (Newark)
Castle House
Great North Road
NG24 1BY

And even more places to visit – all the employers that pay into the fund listed HERE

how to get involved...

Print out THIS POSTER and stick up in your office or home or anywhere you want!

You can sign up to XR Nottingham’s main email list HERE for more info on this and other campaigns, events and actions.

We currently meet fortnightly on a Wednesday at 7.15pm via Zoom. Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in joining this team.

We are engaging with employer organisations who are part of the Pension Fund, raising awareness about fossil fuel investments and encouraging them to ask questions of the Fund. If you work for one of the employers on this list then please contact the Divestment group – we have a briefing document specifically for employers, maybe you can help us find the right contact within your organisation.

We have a Twitter account specifically for this campaign @DivestNotts – please follow this account and retweet to help spread the word

Go to the Divestment working group page to find out more details about the pension fund and the committee that control it.

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