notts pension fund - divest now!

Let the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee know we are not happy for them to continue to invest in fossil fuels driving global heating to 2°C and beyond, with our 5 part action generator.

  1. Pick an Action
  2. Pick a location
  3. Pick a Slogan
  4. Take a photo
  5. Send it off

1 Pick An action

Do this action at home inside or in your garden
Use your daily exercise to write a message, pay a visit to Nottinghamshire County Council or other employers listed below

Don’t forget to frame yourself and the message (and location)

Leave a series little messages in NCC branding to let them know  2 degrees warming is not OK.

  • Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or ask in “Nottm Divestment Actions” Mattermost channel for stickers.
  • Apply stickers at places where they will be seen, lamp posts, bus shelters.
  • Some lamposts are very dirty, you could take a rag to clean a spot for your sticker
  • NB Stickers don’t adhere when it’s frosty.
Print out THIS POSTER and stick up in your office or home or anywhere you want!

  • Make a placard using your own message, the Slogans below or print one from the Placards and Posters folder. 

  • Either have a single placard or a run of several.

  • Use your daily exercise to pay a visit to Nottinghamshire County Council or another location

  • Tape a wood or bamboo stick to the back so that you can push it into the ground into a flower bed

  • Or tie/tape your message to a railing somewhere visible

Really easy email action HERE whether you are a pension fund member or not. Let the committee know that you are extremely concerned about their reckless use of Nottinghamshire workers’ pension savings.

2 Pick A location

The centre of NCC and the Pension Fund, if you live nearby use your daily exercise to do your action here.

Take your message to the neighborhoods of the County Councillors on the Pension Fund Committee, hopefully they will see it on their daily exercise and clean up their act.
  • Ravenshead,Milton Crescent
  • Bradmore,Loughborough Road
  • Mansfield, Everton Street
  • Attenborough, Long Lane
  • Bingham,Tithby Road
  • Sutton-in-Ashfield,Redcliffe Street
  • Sutton-in-Ashfield,High Street,Stanton Hill
  • Worksop,Langold,Williams Street
  • Ravenshead,Milton Crescent
  • Mansfield north
  • Ollerton

Other major employers that use the pension fund

Over 400 employers including district councils , libraries, leisure centres, service providers and schools use the pension fund.  Encourage them to encourage the Pension fund committee  to divest.

Trent Bridge House (West Bridgford)
Fox Road

County Council offices (Arnold)
Sir John Robinson Way

Gedling Borough Council (Arnold)
Civic Centre
Arnot Hill Park

Broxtowe Borough Council Offices (Beeston)
Foster Avenue

Ashfield Council Offices (Hucknall)
Watnall Road
NG15 7LA

Newark and Sherwood District Council (Newark)
Castle House
Great North Road
NG24 1BY

All the employers that pay into the fund are listed HERE

Use your daily exercise to leave your messages around.

  • Parks
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Train, bus and tram stops
  • Car parks
  • Recycling Bins
  • Busy thoroughfares

If you can’t get out don’t worry you can still help; you can do a selfie from home, send and email or even put a poster in your window.

3 Pick a Slogan

  • 2 Degrees = Heatwaves
  • 2 Degrees = Floods
  • 2 Degrees = Wildfires
  • 2 Degrees = Famine
  • 2 Degrees = Death
  • 2 Degrees is NOT OK


  • Divest Now – before it’s too late
  • Divest Fosil Fuels Now!
  • #DivestNow
  • Notts County Council – unfit to govern
  • Invest in renewables and create local jobs
  • Make sustainable investments now
  • Green Investments = Job opportunities

4 Take a photo

  • Take the photo in landscape orientation
  • Frame your face and your message (and location)
  • Look into your camera lens and try not to look like someone from crimestoppers!
  • Take a photo in landscape orientation.
  • Frame the location and your message
  • Avoid digital zoom if possible. 

5 Send it off

If you are not a social media aficionado then send it to our awesome media and messaging team who will sort it out. email hidden; JavaScript is required.


  • Message: Put your in your own words why the pension fund should act now. Use the resources on the campaign page for facts and inspiration.
  • Hashtags: #DivestNotts #FossilFree #FightFor1point5
  • Tag committee members: @Eric__Kerry @Francis19PH @tomhollis93
  • Tag the council: @NottsCC
  • Tag press: @nottslive @BBCNottingham @bbcemt
  • Tag XR: @divestnotts 

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