COP26 – what is your plan?

COP26 in Glasgow this autumn 
is the last chance for action.

What is COP? Governments from around the world met for the first ‘COP’ in 1995. Since then, there have been 25 meetings which have all failed to prevent us heading for climate catastrophe. Carbon emissions have continued to rise… by over 50% since 1990!

COP26 banner

Targets but no Action

The UK government are failing on their own target of net zero by 2050. A target utterly inadequate to make a meaningful difference to the crisis we are facing.


This is when we’re told something is happening, or the figures are misleading. The UK emissions may have gone down, but without including aviation, shipping and all the goods and food we buy from overseas – this is greenwash!

view of clumber st shoppers and rebels on ladders

It could be so different!

Will our leaders come up with a real plan?
If governments were serious there would be a wartime-style mobilisation of resources.
There are many solutions for a green and fair future for all of us. With secure jobs, warm homes, clean air, healthy food and space for nature & wildlife.

what caN YOU DO?

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Join us and the COP26 Coalition on Sat Nov 6th from 1pm
for a globally co-ordinated day of action.
1pm Meet at the Forest Recreation Ground
2pm walking down Mansfield Road
3pm arriving in the Market Square

‘Ladders’ action

Photos today from our action on Clumber Street on Sat 9th Oct. The sombre messages seem to have an impact on people passing by and really helps provoke thought and allow us to start some conversations about the climate and ecological crisis and talk about COP26.

rebel on step ladder holding sign - vanishing arctic
rebel on step ladder holding sign - rising seas
email sign up table
rebel on step ladder holding sign - floods drought