Climate Camp – Day Six

News just in of Conservative-led Devon County Council voting to support the CEE Bill. This is fantastic step forward in the campaign, which also now has the support of 108 MPs and 40 councils. This gives even more strength to our third demand to Nottingham County Council to follow this lead and pass a motion to support this bill.

Thursday spontaneously became a day of culture!  There was a Samba workshop just after lunch and then Stella’s haunting musical and theatrical ‘Violin in flames’ (video coming soon!) which was an “Evocative & poignant burning violin performance, stunning costumes” (rebel reviewer!)

As the sun set over the river and home cooked culinary delights brought to feed the campers we were treated to some fabulous storytelling by Steve, Catherine and Pete. Tales set in the future, exploring different visions of living in a changed world. These stories gave a glimpse of hope for a more gentle, communal and respectful life, but acknowledging the grief and loss of rising sea levels, mass migration and extinction of many species.

The performers were from the group ‘The Storytellers of Nottingham’ and they have a family friendly zoom event on Sat 8th