Climate Camp – Day Seven


First a Climate Crime Scene
In the very early hours of the morning – Nottinghamshire County Council’s offices at County Hall were declared a Climate Crime Scene!
All entrances sealed off until they #TellTheTruth by declaring a Climate Emergency! 
AND #ActNow follow our other demands of divesting the pension fund from fossil fuels and stop backing massive CO2 emitting projects like the incinerator plans for Ratcliffe-on-Soar.
AND go #BeyondPolitics by supporting the CEE bill !! 😀

Pull the plug on climate lies

The people of this country deserve to be told the truth. But the governments both national and local are failing us.

We’ve had enough of greenwashing form all sectors and it’s time to expose the lies of the big oil companies and the complicity of the banking sector.


And no day would be complete with a little friendly conversation with a giant slightly scary puppet!