The CEE bill campaign

On the 12th August 2020 the ‘CEE Bill Alliance’ launched the campaign to take a new bill to parliament called the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (The CEE Bill).

The main drive of the bill is to ensure that the UK makes and enacts a serious plan. This means dealing with our real fair share of emissions so that we don’t go over critical global rises in temperature. 

All about the cee bill

This is a Private Members’ Bill, submitted to parliament. The bill has the potential to become the most significant move forward since the Climate Change Act 2008.

The ‘CEE Bill Alliance’ wrote the bill – they are a group of scientists, lawyers and activists. 

Summary of main points

  • Our entire carbon footprint is taken into account (including all of the emissions linked to the production and transport of goods from overseas that we consume in the UK
  • We don’t depend on technology (NETs) to save the day as an excuse for inaction
  • We focus on nature as much as climate, protecting and conserving habitats in the UK and internationally on supply chains
  • Citizens are central to deciding how to move forward, in a Citizens’ Assembly with real teeth

More details of the bill HERE

Only 2 of our local MPs currently support the Bill! They are:

Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East

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Lilian Greenwood, Labour MP for Nottingham South

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All of the local MPs below DO NOT support the Bill:

Alex Norris, Labour (Co-op) MP for Nottingham North

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Robert Jenrick, Conservative MP for Newark

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Tom Randall, Conservative MP for Gedling

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Ruth Edwards, Conservative MP for Rushcliffe

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Darren Henry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe

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Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood

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Brendan Clarke-Smith, Conservative MP for Bassetlaw

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Ben Bradley, Conservative MP for Mansfield

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Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield

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All these images are released under an Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) licence. 

The bill has been renamed The Climate and Ecology Bill within parliament.
Sep 2020 : First reading
Second reading due 26th March 2021 – postponed
Second reading due 10th Sep 2021
Details of the progression can be found HERE

Get involved with the campaign

Lobbying shouldn’t be left up to the big corporations – this is an emergency and we need to make sure that our representatives are doing what’s needed.

Contacting your MP and letting them know the things you care about really does work.

Find your MPs contact details here. Sending an email is great – and posting a letter is even better. Be polite and to the point, letting them know:

  1. Who you are and whether you have been in touch before
  2. Your address (to show you are in their constituency and ensure they get back)
  3. Why the climate and ecological emergency is so important to you
  4. Why you think they should support the CEE bill. 

Pay a visit to your MP’s constituency office and take a photo.

Write a message that you can hold up. Something like this:

I support the CEE Bill. This is a crisis! We need to step up. Let’s make the CEE Bill Law!

Try and frame the MP’s office sign, your face and your message.

Make sure you look into the camera. Smiles are optional!

Put the photo on your social media making sure to use these hashtags #CEEbill #ZeroHour #UKParliament  

One twitter please tag @CEEbill_NOW and @XRNottm

And/or send your photo to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in joining a team of people building a campaign in  Nottinghamshire.

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