Tue Oct 1st: Technology Help Session

7:00-8:30pm, Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham NG7 6HX

How do you make your phone secure for the rebellion? What are Telegram, Signal and Proton Mail? How do you use them and why does it matter? What’s the problem with good old phone calls?

If you’d like help with any of the technical side of being an XR member then come along to one of these sessions.

No question or problem is too small. If you’re asking, then you can bet at least 10 other people will have the same question, so please do ask.

We’ll spend a short while going over XR’s recommendations for secure communication. Then we’ll provide a workshop to help get you up and running, so bring along your phone. Maybe some ear plugs as well… there’s bound to be some swearing as we grapple with everyone’s technology!

Remember, this is not just to protect yourself, but the whole rebellion. An unsecure phone could give the authorities the information they need to disrupt an action.

Here are a couple of guides from XR for those who can’t make one of the sessions:



Thu Oct 3rd: Pension Fund Protest

9am, County Hall, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7QP

Nottingham Extinction Rebellion will be outside County Hall at 9am on Thursday 3rd October to protest against the County Council’s refusal to stop investing in Fossil Fuels.

This is the AGM of the Nottinghamshire Local Government Pension Fund. Despite calls from hundreds of pension fund members and the City Council the County Council that manages this multi-million pound fund, refuses to sell its investments in fossil fuels that are driving global warming.

This will be a fun, noisy, disruptive protest to make it clear that their behavior is unacceptable. Come with your voice and other things to make a noise!

At 10.30 you can also join us in the public gallery for the AGM itself where the fund managers will be fielding over 20 questions from Extinction Rebellion.

Strike for climate!

Today was an amazing day around the world, where millions of people took to the streets to protest our government’s inaction over climate change, demanding that we must act now to try and stop irreversible climate change. Initially started by children around the world (and famously by Greta Thunberg), many adults joined in the strike and Nottingham’s market square was packed.

Nottingham Post was there and reported on the protest in detail.


Earlier in the day, XR Nottingham were out cycling around the city center, protesting to raise awareness of the Climate crisis.


Now is the time to act before it’s too late. Join the rebellion


At todays sitting of the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee, Extinction Rebellion Nottingham made the urgent need to divest from all fossil fuel activities due to the Climate and Ecological Emergency we are currently in very visible.

Extinction Rebellion and other Members of the public were not permitted to speak during the committee meeting.

The fund has over 47,000 members who’s pensions are potentially at risk due to the funds continued investment in Fossil Fuels including Fracking!

It is in the funds best interest to divest now to limit it’s exposure to contributing to Climate and Ecological Breakdown and as global strategy is implemented to transition to Net Zero Emissions limit potential losses due to collapse of the Fossil Fuel Industry.

“Stranded assets are fossil fuel deposits, including oil, gas and coal, that should remain unburned or in the ground in order for the world to avoid the worst impacts of climate change” (FTSE, 2015).

The financial side of this is that the share price of fossil fuel companies will slump permanently once the market realises that they can’t sell most of the fossil fuels they have, because they have to stay ‘in the ground’, becoming ‘stranded assets’.

We are ALL exposed to stranded fossil fuel assets through Nottinghamshire Pension Fund’s ownership of at least £300million in fossil fuel company shares.

Our Local Authorities are all members of the Pension Fund, and underwrite any loses it makes, putting funding for our local services at risk.

As a local resident or Pension Fund member you can take our email action calling for divestment from fossil fuel shares and investment instead in clean energy and local projects.

You can participate directly in this campaign via the link below