Action at County Hall Sat 30th May

We are at a major turning point in human history.
During Covid-19, the government has failed the public – they have shown they are not capable or willing to keep us safe. Again they have not listened to the science and didn’t prepare for the inevitable…just as for another crisis, an even bigger one, The Climate and Ecological Emergency, which is continuing to intensify as we speak.

In this pandemic we’ve seen the systems we have in place are not designed to support the majority of people or the life of our planet. That the government isn’t capable of getting us out of the coronavirus mess, they just want to get us back to “normal” as rapidly as possible. A normal that’s killing us, prioritising profit over our lives and the natural world that sustains us.

But we’ve seen what’s POSSIBLE when the political will is there. Everything CAN change. And we’ve seen how, when given the chance, ordinary people can rise to it, naturally kind, caring and committed to helping one another. It’s time to start a new story one of compassion, community, and care.

To pool our skills and knowledge and have the chance to decide together, how we should live, how we should prepare for future crises, and how to mitigate the worst of the climate and ecological emergency. We are sending a message to Government to demand a binding Citizens Assembly NOW on the recovery from Covid19, to decide how to rebuild our economy, our democracy and our future together.



In the press…
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