A week of ‘Money Talks’ on Reset TV

Our economic system is hardwired for ecological destruction. Its deep fragility is being exposed by the Covid crisis, and our public money is being used to bailout the mess. We deserve better, we deserve an economic system that prioritises care for people and the planet. Join us for a week exploring why we are in this mess and what the movement can do to help steer us in a positive direction.

Catch up with these talks

The program ran throughout a week in April but now you can watch all on Youtube
Click here for youtube listings

No going back
Heading for Financial Extinction
Boardroom Rebellion

ABC of finance
Power of Finance Campaigning
Understanding Economics

HSBC’s Fossil Business
Barclays’ Fossil Business
Carbon Zero

Standard Chartered’ Fossil Business
Moving Banks to Adopt New Policies
Money Actions Webinar

How The French Won Their Banks Over Before COP
Digital Campaigning on Banks
Beyond Growth: A New Narrative

Also a podcast available 
Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 9
XR takes on the Finance Sector